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33 Dreams of the Indy 500 Welcome from Robert Earl E001

by The Earl of Indy, Robert Earl |

I am your host – Robert Earl.

33 Dreams? –

Welcome to 33 Dreams. Im your host Robert Earl.  Were kicking off up here at World Wide Technology Raceway Gateway for the IndyCar Series.  33 Dreams is based upon the concept that there are hundreds of drivers and dozens of teams that dream of making it into one of the 33 coveted spots for the Indianapolis 500. But the story doesnt stop there.

The story goes on throughout the entire season at stops just like this at Gateway where drivers are putting together their relationships with teams, where they’re looking for that bit of speed to stand out so the they can be one of the chosen 33 each year for the Indianapolis 500.

We hope to bring you the stories from the track, off the track, really get to know some of the drivers that are currently on the series and drivers that are looking to make their way up to the IndyCar series.

I will be telling the stories of the IndyCar Series, through the eyes of a fan. Doing so, I will be explaining things that may be the typical coverage doesn’t include.

Daily Updates, Breaking News and Weekly Recaps along with interviews and stories from the IndyCar and Road to Indy Series.


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