Kory Enders - Road to Indy - 33 Dreams of Indy

Kory Enders is always looking one move ahead E008

by The Earl of Indy, Robert Earl |

Episode 8 – 33 Dreams of Indy

I met Kory Enders at Worldwide Technology Raceway at Gateway prior to his race on the Oval in the Indy Pro 2000 Series. Kory is an engaging driver on the Road to Indy Series.

I caught up with Kory from his condo in Austin, TX. During this interview, we recap his weekend with DEForce Racing in Portland that saw him finish 11th and 10th in the two weekend races.

We reflect on Kory’s podium finish on the oval at Gateway and the emotions that went along with that experience and how a driver works to recreate that feeling outside of the car.

We also look ahead to WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca and discuss how Kory uses the iRacing Simulator to familiarize himself with the new track. Setting the right expectations entering the weekend has been something that he has been working on, especially after the weekend experience of testing and competing at Gateway.

I ask Kory about his interest off of the track including his passion for chess and how the mindset of chess can be applied to racing. https://en.chessbase.com/post/what-chess-can-learn-from-racing.

Kory also talks about his plans beyond the current season including a LMP3 test session along with races coming up in Mexico and Austin along with his upcoming track days in support of his sponsors – Mercedes Benz of Sugarland and McLaren of Houston.

Have a question for Kory Enders? Post a comment or post a tweet with the hashtag #AsktheEarl or #33Dreams and I will consider it for our next episode.

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