How to Find the USF2000 Indy Pro 2000 and Indy Lights Car on a Simulator

by The Earl of Indy, Robert Earl |

That is a great question. The current Simulation systems on the market do not have the specific cars that are used in the Road to Indy’s 3 main series. This leaves drivers having to use other models of cars as a substitute.

That will change at the track atleast. I sat down with Greg De Giorgis, Owner and Lead Engineer for SimMetric Driver Performance Labs.

Greg has developed a commercial-grade driving simulator in a custom-built, first-of-its-kind mobile coaching lab, that gives drivers more track time in order to gain an advantage over their competitors in a safe, controlled environment. 

The system is loaded with the specific car models used by the USF2000 Indy Pro 2000 & Indy Lights series. For this reason and many others, SimMetric Labs was named an Official Partner of the Road to Indy Series presented by Cooper Tires.

The SimMetric Labs will be on the road this season and at the Road to Indy events to be utilized by drivers and teams, starting with the preseason testing at Homestead.

Greg De Giorgis - SimMetric Labs
Mobile Simulator - CXC Simulations
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