George Mack - IndyCar - African American Indy 500

George Mack in his own words talks about his IndyCar experience

by The Earl of Indy, Robert Earl |

His experiences as a driver and as an African American in the IndyCar Series.

Like many drivers, George Mack started in Go-Karting with his Father in California. With his success, he moved up the ranks until he found himself racing in Europe.

With the creation of the Indy Racing League, George Mack secured a ride on the IndyCar Series with an underfunded team and competed in the 2002 season, running the oval only series.

George Mack is the highest finishing African American driver in the Indy 500 to date, finishing 17th in 2002. He and Willy T. Ribbs hold they distinction of being the only 2 African Americans to run in the Indianapolis 500. He credits Willy T. Ribbs as being a mentor and a supporter of his racing career and we discuss his thoughts on the Netlix movie – Uppity.

I caught up with George Mack on the way home from work in Los Angeles traffic (please pardon the video quality and framing in some portions of the interview). George was born in Hollywood, California and has always called the LA area home.

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George Mack - IndyCar Driver - Affrican American History
George Mack – IndyCar Driver – Affrican American History
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