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A Road to Indy Driver Needs Our Help

by The Earl of Indy, Robert Earl |

Last week the Road to Indy Series held a triple-header event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the Road Course used by during the Indy GP. Part of the course also runs on the famed 2.5 mile oval.

During the Indy Pro 2000 event, last years USF2000 Champion, Braden Eves was involved with a tremendous accident.

If you do not read any more of this article, I encourage you to read the entire story of Braden Eves journey and what is family is facing on their Go Fund Me page and contribute if you are able.

Braden Eves is the epitome of what 33 Dreams of Indy is all about. Telling the stories of the young Men and Women that dream of one day being involved in IndyCar racing and running in the Indy 500.

These drivers participate in the Road to Indy Series and F4 and FR series, with hopes of following in the footsteps of Oliver Askew or Colton Herta or Pato O’Ward, just to name a few.

These drivers rely on sponsorship, family help and scholarships. In the case of Braden Eves, he was running this year with the assistance of his USF2000 scholarship he won with the championship last year. In 2020, he was right in the battle for the Indy Pro 2000 points lead, until the accident occurred, taking him out of the upcoming races and any chance of winning the next scholarship on the Road to Indy ladder.

In order to race in 2021, he will need to pay for the entire season without the assistance of the scholarship. This is a tremendous blow because of the wreck.

His Father, Greyson Eves tell the story on his Go Fund Me Page. I encourage you to read the entire story and contribute if you are able.

For most, this would be the end of the story, but I know my son, and the minute his eyes opened in the hospital I knew that it was just another beginning for a young man who simply doesnt understand what it is to give up.

Braden was born to race. He started in go karts at the age of six. As he developed as a driver, he moved on to World Karting Association, United States Pro Kart Series and Superkarts! USA series. By the time Braden was 16, he had won in every series he entered.

Auto racing is an extremely competitive and expensive sport, and people that know me and my family know how practical and somewhat frugal we can be. But when your child dreams big, you have to go big. In 2017 the family pulled together enough money and found a few sponsors to help Braden achieve his goal of entering the F4 US Championship.

2018 was an up-and-down learning year for Braden, but he fought adversity on the track and, on a shoe-string budget eventually won two of three races in the F1600 Championship Series. This opened the door for Braden and gave him the chance to compete for a Team USA scholarship.

Unfortunately, adversity knocked on Bradens door again. He had been experiencing severe pain in his arm and was diagnosed with blood clots caused by arterial Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. He had to decline his scholarship on the day he underwent surgery on his arm.

Within months, Braden had recovered and had an opportunity to win scholarship money in the Mazda Road to Indy Shootout, but he finished in second place just short of his goal and well short of continued funding.

This was a turning point for Braden and our entire family. It would have been easy to call it quits. The effort had been there. Nobody would have questioned us. Instead, our family leveraged everything we had to run a few tests and secure sponsorship money to run the USF2000 series on the Road to Indy in 2019.

Unfortunately, the cost of getting Braden back on the track is more than our family and a few wonderful sponsors can handle. We are focusing all of our resources on getting Braden healthy and are now facing over $100,000 in bills to pay for a car and replace his racing helmet and suit so we can get him back on track as soon as he is able.

Greyson Eves

Braden Eves Arai Helmet showing aftermath of the Indy crash

When I am around all of these young men and women, I wish I had unlimited resources available to help them all. I don’t. So I do what I can to help them tell their stories.

Braden was one of the first guest on my podcast, days after he won the USF2000 championship. His excitement and confidence was contagious. He embodies everything that I love about racing and the Road to Indy Ladder.

Please, if you can assist Braden, or any of tomorrows stars of IndyCar, I encourage you to do so.

Again, please visit if you are able to assist Braden and his family as they look to get back on track.

Thank you so much for you time and your passion for Racing.

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