33 Dreams Update on Robert Earl

by The Earl of Indy, Robert Earl |

Has everyone else been missing the track as much as I have?

I know, stupid question.

I wanted to take a moment and give an update on 33 Dreams of Indy and myself since we were last on the track in St. Pete, anticipating the start of the 2020 season. That was March 12th.

The cars took to the track on Friday the 13th and I did my best to follow along at home as I started work on the 2nd episode of 33 Dreams TV. The 1st episode has nearly 2,400 views. – https://youtu.be/aa8wD5hivp8

Friday the 13th turned out to be an omen.

Personally, I was honestly pretty bummed about the whole situation, but took it in stride because I could only imagine how difficult this was for the drivers and teams. They had put in so much work and poof, it was taken away from them and put on a shelf.

That following Sunday, the 15th, around 12 noon, my world began to spin. Literally. I developed a case of Acute Vertigo. Suddenly I was sick and could hardly function.

I have had a case of minor dizziness one other time last summer, but a trip to the Dr. and a Physical Therapist that performed an Epley Maneuver on me took care of it immediately.

This was and has been different.

The Acute Vertigo subsided last week after 35 days of feeling like my head was spinning all over the place.

At least I can now walk and function, although with dizziness when I walk. I find myself stumbling a bit. Kind of like being as Gasparilla or Mardi Gras after having a few to many. Problem is, I haven’t had a drink. (One friend suggested that maybe I should.)

In addition to this, I have attempted to watch the iRacing events, (Way to go Phillippe Denes), but have been unable to watch the virtual racing for a period of time due to the vertigo. Just to disorientating to my eyes and brain and balance.

To complicate the treatments, it has been difficult to get in for non essential appointments at the specialist. They have been closed during this period of time. Totally understandable.

Luckily my symptoms have improved enough for me to be able to pen this on the keyboard. But without seeing the specialist and with the continued issues, if the racing resumed this week, I would not be able to travel at this time.

A special thanks to those that have checked in on me.

So in a very small way, I am glad we have a bit more time. It sucks but I can’t wait to get back to the track and to cover the Road to Indy and IndyCar Series and continue with the stories of those that Dream of being one of the 33 someday.

On a side note – turns out that 33 Dreams of Indy was cutting edge starting last September, October… Being the first site to utilize Zoom for its coverage of sports and for interviews. Remember, everyone else is just copying 33 Dreams of Indy.

Stay Well Everyone,

Robert Earl